Print Management

We understood quite early on that we were an integrated print production supplier, and not just an ordinary print management company like many brokering firms out there. In an age where printing companies are in decline, whilst print management companies are on the increase, it wouldn’t be out of place to consider which came first – the chicken or the egg? We’re not going to answer that (you know the answer anyway), but we can tell you that there are clear benefits of use to both styles of business for the management of print, so much so, that at Indigo we simply combine them both – so our clients benefit from the best of both worlds.

The lines between what makes a good printing services supplier are constantly being blurred by new print and production technologies, so we stayed ahead of the times in 1992 by offering managed print services (whilst operating as a very good printing company ourselves), to our Manchester and UK client base. Our print management works on the basis that if for whatever reason we can’t print your project on-site in the most efficient manner we will manage it for you. After all, who understands print better than a printer?

Sustainable Print Management

As both a manufacturer and a regular print buyer and supplier, we identify the needs of our clients and understand that great print management only occurs when we see the bigger picture for everyone involved. By understanding our customers commercial aims, and the type of work our suppliers want, time and again we’ve been able to target areas where our insistence on responsible buying wouldn’t have followed the typical model of a print management company, but has resulted in us achieving times savings, cost savings and overall efficiency in the print procurement process for our customers. We fundamentally believe in sustainable print management for the survival of print.

Managed Print Services

Our account managers take the time to understand the needs of your organisations and the positive role that sustainable print management can have on it and act on your need through our supply chain. A by product of the process is that you may benefit from cheap printing, but overall we aim for a lot more than that with our print management solutions.
Sometimes it maybe a case of saving time sourcing the right supplier for your job, at others it will be managing relations with a supplier you already have, or managing your brand consistency and colour across different suppliers. What you want will continue to change, but we’ll always change with you. That’s what sets our managed print services apart from the rest.

Our print management services are applicable to the following aspects:

Web offset lithographic printing Large format sheet fed and digital production of POS material
One-off item production Recycled Print and Sustainable print consultancy
Colour management to ensure consistent brand message Multiple cross media campaigns
Secure storage and multi drop logistics for larger firms Promotional Print sourcing

Please Contact Us for more details on our print management services and our team will be happy take you through the simple steps to working with one of the most unique print manufacturing/print management companies in Manchester.

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