Lithographic Print

The most common method of production for mass quantity printing is through lithographic print. As one of most well established printers in Manchester, we offer full colour printing; single colour printing, two colour printing, Pantone spot colour printing and special metallic spot colour printing services in house, providing our clients all the options they need to get their artwork printed accurately and cost effectively.

Lithographic – or litho –printing – as it’s most commonly referred to uses plates to expose various parts of an image which transfer ink to sheets of paper or card, via a series of rollers.

The Indigo print production team use litho printing methods for medium and large quantity print jobs at our Manchester production facility. Litho print is the ideal format when a higher quality of print, colour reproduction or paper quality is important. If you have a small quantity item that needs printing, a suitable alternative to litho printing is our digital print service, which is also available at our Manchester print facility.

Our litho printing service is suitable for printing the following literature:

Business Stationery
Security Documents
Presentation Folders
Promotional Literature
Direct Mail

Because lithographic print is such a naturally accurate and flexible print medium it lends itself to a incorporating a host of special features that can be incorporated along with the print itself:

Gloss Lamination
Perfect Binding
Die Cutting
Kiss Cutting
UV Spot Varnish
Foil Blocking
Matt Lamination
Wiro Binding
Security Applications

Please Contact Us for more details on our litho printing services and we will be happy take you through the simple steps to working with one of the longest serving printers in Manchester.

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