Professional Services

Report Covers

Size: A4

Indigo have produced numerous report covers over the years for a number of professional firms solicitors and accountants – the sectors that mainly utilise them. The beauty of report covers is that they allow firms to present their company documents in a simple and stylish manner. Simple laser printed documents with company information look far more professional when bound with our report covers and we can print them with or without die-cut windows to present the document titles. We can produce them using a number of methods – full colour litho printing, using pantone colours or using digital printing presses – the choice is yours.

Presentation Folders

Size: A5 and Oversize A4

Presentation Folders are a smart way to gather company spec sheets and loose bits of information together in one holding document. Suitable for use by all levels of staff, sales professionals love folders as they are more useful than company brochures which can hold out of date information if you hold a large supply. Folders can be cut to hold business cards on their pockets, so these make them great for sales meetings to leave with clients. The team at Indigo have a great deal of experience designing and printing all kinds of different shaped presentation folders to suit company needs and to suit all kinds of budgets – isn’t it time your company had some presentation folders printed by us?

Legal Corners

Size: Various – 65mm triangle, 70mm triangles

Over the years, we have dealt with a growing numbers of solicitors and local authority department that have started using personalised legal corners to enhance their corporate documents. Small yet practical, these inexpensive items just like their description infers, fit snugly into the top corner of documents and are subtle reminders of which firm your documents come from when passed over to clients.

At Indigo, we specialise in the design and print of premium quality legal corners, and with our speedy design studio and in-house printing and finishing department we can offer a really quick turnaround on legal corners, whether we start from scratch or print from supplied artwork.

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