Event Led


Size: A5 / A6 / A7

As Invites are specially created to promote specific events, you can really go to town on them – and we can help you do it! Here’s a list of what can be done by Indigo when it comes to Invites: A selection of papers? check. Special finishes? Check. Foiling? Check. Die Cutting? Check. Spot UV? Check. Gold or Silver Pantones? Check. I think that’s it? Hmm…Oh yeah, personalisation? Check. Phew, it’s probably easier to ask us what we can’t do with invites (that’s a short list, BTW!)

Greeting Cards

Size: DL 4-Page/ A5 4-Page / A6 4-Page

The Indigo team produce these digitally or lithographically. We can even add a gloss laminate to the outside of the card and personalise the inside with a bespoke greeting. Oh, you need your greetings cards to be designed before printing? Yeah – we do that too! We offer short turnarounds if you’re in a real rush, just give us a holler and we’ll see what we can do. If there’s load of greeting cards to send out why don’t we fulfil from a supplied database and save you the hassle of licking a stamp!


Size: A4 /A3 or A2 Wall Hanging Styles / A5 Desk or Tent styles

Think outside the box, your calendars don’t have to be just for 12 months, they can be 14 months long or go from June this year to June next year. You don’t necessarily have to be like everybody else and order them in October  in a mad rush – chill out! Rely on what your brand stands for and your calendar will be in front of the people who need to see it every day for the next year. Have them small so we can send by post or have them big so you/your staff can personally present them to colleagues.

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