Bespoke Print Items


Size: Oversize A4 or A5 with 2D Ring / 4D Ring
As well our popular presentation folders, we can also produce PVC Ring binders to any size (A4 and A5 being the most
popular) Personalisation can be achieved using silkscreen print, foil blocking, digital or litho printing techniques. 
Or, another professional looking option to consider is Clear PVC encapsulation of printed sheets to our PVC Ring binder. 
You can supply us with printed sheets or we can print full colour sheets from supplied artwork file using any of our in-house production methods and then encapsulate to complete the design of your folder. With our binders the possibilities are
endless, and our account managers are on hand to help you decide on the best way forward with your binder projects.

Presentation Boxes

Size: Any size
Our team can help you put together presentation boxes to suit your business objectives. You may need them to form part of your brand packaging for a product or it may be for the presentation of a series of gifts or it may form part of an elaborate direct mail campaign. Whatever its purpose, we can identify what your specific needs will be for your presentation box and we’ll present solutions that will answer your brief.

Hey wait, got no artwork? Only got an idea and need it turning into a fully fledged design that will work as a presentation box? Why not give our design studio a try; they may be able to help turn your project into a reality at a very reasonable cost.


Size: Any size
Otherwise referred to as “hand outs,” these really are bespoke to your circumstances. Picture the scene; you’ve got an important presentation for your company. Your contact wants you to come in and validate your proposal with their bosses present, so they can tick off the box that you’re the right company to work with them. You get there; start and finish your presentation putting across all your points to say “Hire Us.” Your PowerPoint presentation was great; but your presenters weren’t – they were tatty and put together at the last minute – and it shows! The PowerPoint gets taken away by you; but you have to leave your presenting materials with them – that rather duff material you wish you could do all over again.

Your contact is disappointed and their boss summarises the quality of your business with those handouts. You don’t get a follow up call. Your contact is slow on acting on your calls. You lose the business. Sound familiar?

Don’t let it happen, budget for some good quality presenters to use for your business meetings when quality is a serious consideration. Whatever the format, size and number of pages, and the style of finish required we can help with one-off printed presenters, just give us a call and let’s share some ideas.

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