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The Secrets To A Successful Brochure

how to make a successful brochure








One of the very best ways to sell a product, push an idea, or offer insight into your services is by handing out a gorgeous, glossy brochure. But like with so many other creative endeavours, creating a classy catalogue often turns out to be a much more of a difficult task than you anticipated. You know what needs to be included, but how exactly do you get this content to leap off the page and engage the reader?

Here’re all the secrets you need to know about compiling a successful brochure.

Readability is key

Designing a brochure is exciting, sure, but there’s always the risk you may become overenthusiastic when you get going on the design work. Crisp, clear content works far better than zany, cryptically crafted words and images, as this helps to make your brochure readable.

You might like the idea of grey text over a red background, for example, but if it’s too hard to see, your reader will immediately lose interest. Make sure all the content can be digested without a second thought.

Know what your audience likes

Take your audience’s specific tastes and preferences into account when you’re in the brochure design phase. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about what you’d like to see if you were them.

It may be worth conducting a bit of market research beforehand to see what your audience responds to. With this data to hand, you can begin to design your brochure in a way that will appeal to your customers.

Encourage a response  

Encouraging action is key when you’re building a brochure. We experience information overload in the digital age, meaning, more often than not, things go through one ear and out the other.

When you’re putting together your content, be sure to throw in a call to action wherever it is required, and make all your contact information clear and visible – on multiple pages if necessary. The reader needs to feel compelled to follow up on what they read or you risk losing them forever.

Get a great graphic designer involved

It can be tempting to cut back on production costs by doing all the design work yourself, but this will inevitably lead to a final product that falls short of initial expectations and forces you to go back to the drawing board.

Bring a great graphic designer along for the journey and allow them to use their skillset to bring your brochure to life. These guys don’t just offer quality – they also know what works best in print. This will help to turn your brochure into something that’s worth holding onto.

Indigo Lithoprint offer superb digital printing services for brochures and catalogues, and we also have a fantastic graphic design team in house who can help you with the creative side of your project. Get in touch on 0161 877 7938, or fire over an email to sales@indigo-litho.co.uk to learn more.