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Pimp My Card: Genius Ways To Reinvent Your Business Cards

What’s the value of a handshake? Depending on your networking instinct, it can be lucrative. And when we’re out scouting for clientele, only one thing will maintain your first impression. Business cards are a clear, creative memento that can reinforce your sales pitch.

Hence, you should make them as visually rich as you can, with an aesthetic that belies what you do well. Today, we’re looking at some genius ideas for business cards, and why they make a powerful greeting…

A hand-drawn hook

The word ‘artisanal’ is thrown around a lot in fashion and hospitality. Your business card may be small, but it can still express this trait, should you give it a hand-made appearance. After all, images speak louder than clichés; people are more likely to accept your ingenuity if printed branding shows your eye for quirk or detail.

You can work with a graphic designer (or a printing service that handles the design in-house, like us!) to conjure a variety of art styles: comic book, sketch, charcoal and water colour painting are just the tip of the iceberg.

Business card design


(Credit: The Comics Bakery) 

Taking your brand to three dimensions

The typical, staid version of a business card is assumed to lie flat in someone’s pocket. It’ll shuffle into the deck of your contact’s other acquisitions, and be tough to distinguish from its peers. But does it have to be like this?

Not if you embrace the trend for geometric, 3D card designs. A cube-shaped print – one that clicks together with tiny slats – can’t help but inspire a gasp from your recipient. Likewise, consider a tent-like card, or an origami construct that folds out to reveal more about you.

Unusual business cards


(Credit: School Of Everything) 

Cutting into your unique qualities

Going the regular route with a business card can mean a thin, boring, and totally disposable slice of rectangular material, with no dynamism whatsoever. So think how a stranger cut might foster your one-of-a-kind image. You can link these features to your skillset, and make the card so much more awe-inspiring.

A delivery service, for example, might slice diagonal lines in the right side to imply speed and energy. The entire edging could be spiky, as a matter of fact – imagine what a recruitment company could do with a card that resembles an explosion i.e. ‘Your next hire will be a force to be reckoned with’.

Or, instead, choose the popular method of removing your brand’s letters from the card. People can still see them, and it means the colouring will change with the surface they’re placed against.

Business cards


(Credit: Julian Burgess)

Networking never stops. Its value lies in the bright and easy conversations you’ll have, but (as a reminder of your appeal) business cards do the legwork for a call-back, putting the exclamation mark on your personality. Ready to revamp your business cards? Email sales@indigo-litho.co.uk or head over to our Trafford Park printing studio for a complementary chat about your design.