Never Underestimate The Power Of Promotional Gifts

Promotional Gifts

Every day is a gift, as they say, but some days are more exciting than others. Your venture may be on the cusp of adding a new string to its bow: a product, service or milestone that’s worth talking about. Anticipating it, you may have thought briefly about a promotional ‘thank you’, but deemed it a pointless bit of expenditure…

Well, we’re here to tell you, in fact, that a special gift is THE greatest sign of generosity, loyalty and value to reinforce your brand message. How so? Let’s examine what they can do.

Daily brand exposure

A promotional product can take all sorts of regular, practical forms – pens, bags, stationery and notepads are just a few items that can be used in the home, the office, or anywhere the customer happens to go. From this stems a daily affinity with your brand; they’ll carry it, or see it at regular intervals, which reinforces the fact that you exist.

Advertising is a game of perseverance. The same message might have to be hammered home, over and over, until it sticks. With a batch of free printed items to call their own, your contact will (however unconsciously) spread the brand to others, and recall what you do, often when they least expect it.

Supporting your identity

In a sense though, it doesn’t pay to go for cookie-cutter promotional gifts, the kind that any business could produce. If you manage to make the gift an extension of your brand’s individualistic appeal, you’ll seem switched-on and in-tune with what your audience really needs.

What could those examples be? A sports company may opt for a limited run of t-shirts, caps and wrist bands. A design firm could fashion a colour wheel for their clientele, to help them see which shades match up.

Try to balance the humble nature of a promo gift with its potential for relevance. It speaks to how unique you are, and how focused the business is on the whole.

Creating urgency where it counts

Let’s say that you’re embarking on a wider marketing campaign, one where you have certain sales targets to hit by a certain date. This is where promotional products can really make an impact, driving an immediate return on investment.

You could, for example, throw in a free mug with an order over a certain value. Or perhaps you’re running a competition, and want to offer runner up gifts for those who missed out on the main prize.

Promotional gifts are a great bargaining chip to drive brand engagement and sales, making the deadline for an offer or competition that much more urgent and attractive for the consumer.

Incorporate promotional gifts into your strategy, and you’ll soon have a wide, clued-up audience who appreciate your brand on multiple levels. Specialised printing services like Indigo Print are your one-stop shop for any marketing products. So give your fans something to remember you by – contact us for more information.