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Hello world – Indigo is here (again)!

Welcome to the re-branded Indigo Lithoprint website, the first thing you’ll obviously be aware of the fact that we refer to ourselves simply as Indigo. Nothing has changed naming wise – we’re still Indigo Lithoprint, but going forward it makes sense to shorten the name as we offer a variety of print related services nowadays – from lithographic print (still) to promotional gifts and print management and graphic design. So we’re not strictly a one-trick pony anymore – we really do offer all manner of services for everything printed, and we do it with pride as everyone’s favourite printers in manchester.

The re-design of the website was necessary as there was a lot of projects we did day in, day out that weren’t reflected in the old website and we hope to fix that now, so that customers past, present and future get a full flavour of what a unique full service print production company that we are… What do you think?

Anyway, we hope you like the new website¬† – and find everything that you’re looking for. Check back often for blog updates from one of the finest printers in manchester (ahem, that’s us) as we’ll try and keep them plentiful. Thanks.