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5 Things To Expect From Your Print Supplier

Printing services in Manchester

When sourcing a print service, you should settle for nothing but the most capable provider, one that offers the widest scope for your requirements. Printed marketing materials have to be finer than ever to match their digital equivalent. We bet there’ll be a glut of companies fighting for your custom, but what standards should you expect?

To part the murky waters of the print supplier industry, we’re diving deep into the traits that a winning service will exhibit…

1. Digital and litho printing

Every print job is unique. Your brand may be investing in a one-off run of flyers, or a batch of high quality, glossy brochures. ‘Digital’ and ‘lithographic’ printing techniques are two of the main distinctions a service can make, and your printer should advise on the best method for your needs.

2. Environmental awareness

Paper is a valuable commodity in the 21st century. Whole swathes of forests around the world have been devastated by the timbre trade. Recycling, and general eco-awareness, is imperative for feeling good about your printing service. Indigo, for example, have managed to hit a 40% recyclable paper target for everything we produce. We only work with manufacturers that are certifiably sustainable, to reduce our carbon footprint.

3. In-house design capabilities

There are thousands of printing services out there; just a fraction of them, however, also happen to be great designers. Not every client has the time or expertise to draw up print-ready artwork. You should look for an organisation that can do both – sparking creatively off your brand, composing the visuals, and delivering them to the page as soon as the go-ahead’s been given.

4. Thinking beyond cost

Most printers will ask you about budget and timescales, and leave it at that. They won’t suggest a different route that will maximise the impact of your marketing efforts. A fantastic print run does wonders for your brand, so it’s wise to hear out the characteristics of production as opposed to merely the pricing or quantity factors. This doesn’t necessarily mean a more expensive job, but quality does speak for itself…

5. Rapid turnarounds

Obviously, some projects are going to have a very tight timeframe. Perhaps you have an upcoming event that you need a set of marketing collateral for, or maybe you’re preparing for an important pitch.

You could find the best printing solution in the world, but it will all be for nothing if you miss that all-important deadline. This makes it vital to find a reliable printer with fast turnaround times and delivery schedules.

With so much to consider, it can be difficult to sort through the lesser options at your disposal… That’s why Indigo is here to hit all those marks and more! Our printing services in Manchester are a papercut above the rest – check out our talents before you decide on an ace, trustworthy provider for the next step in your marketing efforts.