The team at Indigo take our environmental concerns seriously and know it is an ongoing commitment to work in sustainable manner.

Way before it became fashionable to work in this way we have been doing the following at our Manchester headquarters since 2001:

  • Using a high amount of recycled paper produce which now accounts for about 40% of our overall use
  • Working with paper companies that have a sustainable working process in place to supply us
  • Using vegetable based inks as our main component in our litho print processes
  • Working with manufacturers that apply ISO 140001 environmental management standards where possible.
  • We specify that all virgin pulp paper must be at least ECF (elementally chlorine free)
  • Advising on green paper stocks and products and the benefits of customers switching to them

Help Us and the Environment

It’s all well and good that you’ve taken the time to read about what we’ve done and what we’re going to continue to do from an environmental standpoint, but there’s one vital component that make what we do possible: you. If you believe in our ability to manage printed communications in a sustainable manner we need your support in the following ways:

Buy from Us, Buy Local

If we have offer the services and products that you want, invest your money in us and reduce the threat of extended your carbon footprint. We’re based in Manchester UK. Our supply network are all British, and because of the great travel
infrastructure surrounding us, 85% of our supply chain partners are within a 50 mile radius of us, so you are supporting local economies and effectively reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

Order the Right Amount

Surprisingly, we’re not advising you to order huge quantities of our products (Not unless you need a large quantity, that is), we’re just saying that you should order the amount you need. This saves on waste resources, but also means you will focus better on what your organisation actually uses. This is an essential part of measuring your waste and your print and marketing spend.

Ask where the Recycled Products are

We stock, manufacture and supply various environmentally friendly products, which we think sell really well – but we can always sell more. Our target is to turnover 60% of recyclable products by 2014. We can do this if you always enquire about the recycled versions of our bespoke products and then purchase them if they are suitable for your needs. If your team feel daunted by the prospect of “going recycled” our Account Managers can help you source the product that you need as an alternate recycled version – all you have to do is ask.

Further information can be found on our Environmental Policy which can be downloaded as a PDF here and on the Policies section of this website.

Should you require further information, please Contact Us for more details on our print policies and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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