About Us

When we set up Indigo in the summer of 1992 offering our humble printing services to the baying crowds of Trafford Park, Manchester (!) and beyond we never would have guessed that we’d be doing it 20 years later. That was the plan of course, but who’d have guessed.

In those days a two colour Ryobi press and a single colour GTO was all that was needed. Nowadays, if you were to term us as simply Printers in Manchester, you’d be doing us a disservice as we offer a variety of print related services that focus on what clients need for their business, and we produce it. At times that’s simply a leaflet or a letterhead, but at others it can be a mix of banners, mugs, bags, posters and flyers. Based on this requirement, we have evolved to add other value added services along with our regular printable product range. We focus strongly on production expertise, which can be applied to everyday marketing products.

Nothing stands still when it comes to communications, and we are always changing but at the same time keeping everything that is good about us along for the journey. If you want something designed; something printed or something produced we look forward to taking you with us on that journey.

If you’ve got a project in mind or just a general print enquiry please contact us for an informal chat or a free quotation.


Values are hollow words unless you mean them and act them out every day. Which we do. Taking into account that we are in an age where quality and service are a given, these are the values that set us apart:

• Passion

Even after all these years, we still love what we do and try to bring that passion across in all aspects of our services and products. That sensation of touching and experiencing all that we produce still generates that buzz and excitement that always has done for us.

• Care

We treat people as we want to be treated, that goes right across the board from our customer services staff though to our production team. We care for our clients and focus on building lasting relationships that benefit everyone. Everyone that works with us – be they staff, supplier or customer matters. It’s as simple as that.

• Resourceful

We are committed to giving our clients nothing less than our best. We push ourselves and our clients and seek the answers to their ever changing needs. We are a can-do company. Like a good craftsmen we also look after our resources so they are always there for us to use again.

• Humour

There isn’t any point being in this trade if you can’t see the funny side of it sometimes. We’re not saying that we’re quirky for the sake of it, it just helps us and our customers’ days go by just that little bit easier because we are. Just don’t put us on the spot by asking us to tell you our best jokes, they’re all far too rude to mention in polite company!

Should you require more information, please Contact Us for more details on our print policies and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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