Pantone Printing / Spot Colour Printing

Specific colours that are not printed in four colour process are known as Spot Colours. At Indigo, we view ourselves as experts in spot colour printing and have offered these services right from the start when we opened for business 20 years ago.

When spot colours are required, we advise our clients to choose colours from a range that is familiar to all printers. There are many colour standards to choose from but we have found the system developed by Pantone is the most universally recognisable and easy to us.

Pantone colours – also known as PMS colours – are specific colour mixes that we use at Indigo to match documents that have their artwork produced in spot colour using the PMS colour system from a desktop publishing program. The benefit of working with spot colours is that everyone involved in the production of your item will know what colour you wish to have printed. Once your completed artwork is output to a printing plate with its PMS colour reference, the printer will mix colours and print your pantone spot coloured document to match a Pantone colour swatch. Pantone swatches show exactly what each and every Pantone branded colour looks like on a handy pre-printed collection of tabbed sheets. By the completion of the print process, all the printed documents / items will consistently match each other as well the Pantone swatch which the printer has been using to maintain consistency on the print.

Although Pantone spot colour printing is not as fluid as full colour printing, it is suitable for corporate branding of stationery and marketing material. Pantone colours can also be combined with the four colour process to produce very specific looking documents, when full colour is also required as well as a specially selected pantone colour.

This printing style is highly suited to brand control and competitive printing of various items:

Business stationery Folders Legal Corners Business Cards
Flyers Posters Document Covers Forms
NCR Pads Continuous Stationery Promotional Mugs Promotional Pens

Indigo LithoPrint have been offering pantone spot colour printing services for 20 years from our Manchester base. If you would like a printing quote from our well established print communications firm click here now.

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