Metallic Spot Colour Printing

In addition to our normal suite of lithographic print services at Indigo, our printers can combine full colour and pantone printing methods with special colour mixes such as metallic spot colours to produce striking results.

In the hands of a capable designer at artwork stage, adding metallic spot colours to your documents and products can provide a wow factor that can lift the overall look and feel of the items are used on. These suite of colours also come from the pantone colour matching standard and can be easily selected from any well known desk top publishing programs colour library and combined with full colour printing to produce eye-catching marketing.

Metallic spot colours producing eye-catching print on items such as:

Business stationery Flyers Business cards Postcards
Posters Forms Invitations Leaflets

The Indigo LithoPrint team have amassed a great range of ideas that will suit printing in metallic spot colours. If you would like a printing quote from our efficient estimates team for metallic spot colour printing click here now.

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