Full Colour Printing / Process Colour

The majority of commercial artwork that is sent to us is produced as four colour process (in reference to the inks used). Printing in four colour process produces full colour documents hence why it is also popularly known as full colour printing. To get the full spectrum of colours available on a job, a printer will use all four of the process colours on their press.

Process colours are made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks, shortened to CMYK. For a full colour image produced on our litho press for instance, there would be four printing plates each affixed with image separations of CMYK respectively to four printing units. The mixes of these colours would then combine as halftone dots to form the overall printed image, capturing all the shades and tones present in the document.

The initial set-up cost for full colour litho printing makes it expensive for small quantity orders of below a 1000 sheets, but it is a high quality process that is suitable for a large variety of marketing material. Where clients require the quality of litho printing but at a more cost effective rate, we recommend our single colour and two colour printing services and Pantone spot colour printing services. Full colour production can also be combined with metallic spot colour printing  to create even more interesting printed material.

Our litho full colour printing service is suitable for printing numerous documents:

• Business Stationery
• Promotional Literature
• Presentation Folders
• Catalogues
• Leaflets
Direct Mail

Indigo LithoPrint are expert full colour printers in Manchester. If you would like a full colour printing quote from an expert print communications firm of 20 years click here now.

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