Direct Mail Fulfilment

As a reliable commercial printer and communications supplier, we have been taking care of clients’ printed marketing for two decades. In that time our business has seen a lot of change, but it has also allowed us to diversify our suite of print services into mailing fulfilment allowing us to become one of the most efficient mailing management houses in Manchester, providing print and mail fulfilment services such as management of direct mail projects on behalf of SME businesses, charities and the public sector throughout the UK.

Indigo have been offering our clients a comprehensive range of direct mail and mail fulfilment services for several years now from our Manchester base. From data preparation, through to personalised printing; enclosing, mail sorting, mail merging and envelope printing. Furthermore, when these services are placed in context to our additional design and print services, clients have benefitted from our diverse mailing services and have felt the positive effects on their direct mail campaigns after working with us.

Mailing Services to Suit Your Specification

Our mailing services team is able to handle anything from the smallest direct mail requests to those that will stretch to many hundreds of thousands mailings, all from our Manchester headquarters. If mailings are of significant size our team can help you get the most for your money, and can advise on the most cost-effective delivery methods from the wide range of Royal Mail Mailsort and Walksort options saving customers time and money on their direct mail campaigns.

If you would like to use our mailing services for your print marketing, you will find our uncompromising commitment to quality enhances the impact of your mailings, improves end customer response and helps maximise the return on your direct mail investment. All crucial elements that are made just that bit easier when they delivered as standard with the friendly assurance of our account management team who are on hand to assist on the following mailing queries:

Data Processing and Cleansing Envelope Enclosing and Inserts Envelope Printing
Folding Laser Printing Poly-wrapping
Downstream Mailings Mail Sorting

Are you from a SME private, charity or public sector organisation in Manchester, the North West or the UK? Looking for an integrated print focussed mailing house that is different to all the other mailing houses out there? If you are please contact us. Alternatively, if you would like a quote click here

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