Digital Print

When clients need small amounts of printing with a tight budget that won’t stretch to high quality litho printing and a need for a quick turnaround, we advise them to use digital printing – which has a higher unit cost per page compared to litho printing but works out cheaper for printing small amounts as there are no plate set-up costs.

Digital printing refers to printing from a digital based image directly to a variety of media. At Indigo, it refers specifically to professional printing of artwork from desktop publishing and other digital sources on our high volume laser printing presses at our Manchester production facility for our local and national client-base.

As one of most well established printers in Manchester, we offer digital printing services in-house, allowing us to control our output and display the same attention to detail to our digital print as we do our litho printing services. Allied to our hard earned experience with what can and can’t be achieved with digital print, we can safely say there’s more to digital print than pressing a button.

Digital print is the most suitable method for on demand and cost effective printing of short run projects. If you have a larger quantity item that needs printing, a suitable alternative is our litho printing service, which is also at our Manchester print facility.

Our digital print service is suitable for printing smaller quantities of the following literature:

Booklets and Brochures Business Stationery Catalogues
Direct Mail Postcards Envelopes Flyers
Forms Leaflets Magazines
Newsletters NCR Pads Posters
Presentation Folders Promotional Literature Reports

Because digital print is an immediate print medium, it differs to other forms of print production by offering a host of other features that make it a useful printing medium of its own:

Digital Numbering Digital Mock-ups and Prototypes Folding / Stitching in-line
Image Personalisation On-Demand Printing Variable Data Printing
Text Personalisation Quick Turnaround

When these extra features are fully utilised, clients can potentially produce powerful marketing and direct mail which will give them a higher return on their investment than traditional communication material.

It should be noted that though digital printing and lithographic printing are different production methods, they can be combined together to produce documents cost effectively that would otherwise be hugely expensive before the advent of digital printing.

Need more information on our digital printing service or how it can benefit your project? Please Contact Us and our team will be happy to discuss your digital printing requirements further with you.

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