One-Off Print Products

Wedding Stationery

Size: A5-4pp / A6-4PP / 150mm Square
Indigo have produced a variety of wedding stationery of all sorts over the years, making a lot of newlyweds happy in the process. People usually come to us with their ideas and their designs completed for their entire suite of wedding stationery including reply cards, place cards and save the date cards – in addition to anything else they’d like for their special day. Using our experience we advise on the the best methods and materials to produce customers stationery at the budget that they have for them. We can print wedding stationery using a number of methods – full colour litho printing, using pantone colours or using digital printing presses to suit your budget. If you’re not sure about anything, just ask us.

Orders of Service

Size: A5-4PP / A5-8PP
Printed orders of service sometimes form part of a joyous wedding stationery suite, whilst at other times they are used for far more sensitive occasions, at funerals. In times like these we maintain a reassuringly considered approach; following your wishes and requirements so that whilst we are printing your orders of services you are able to concentrate on other matters at hand.

Due to the unexpected nature of printing orders of service (for funerals more so than weddings), we are reassuringly able to print and turnaround these items very quickly to fit in with your own arrangements. Customers can be rest assured that we will do our best to look after them and produce a printed order of service that is befitting of the occasion it is required for.

Personalised Greeting Cards

Size: A5-4pp / A6-4PP / 150mm Square
Personalised greetings cards are really useful for a lot more things than you can imagine. We could effectively print you one or a handful of these cards – all printed with different designs and text – for your personal correspondence. However, we actually think they are kind of neat for adding a personal touch to business communications – used either as a thank you card or an invite to a named contact; the possibilities are endless. The response rate is certainly better than sending a generic card, so why not give it a try. At Indigo, we can assist you with the creative design and print of personalised greeting cards via our design studio – don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in this service.

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