Business Administration

NCR Pads

Size: A4/ A3/ A5 / A6

No Carbon Required (NCR) pads are used by every small and large business that we know of in one capacity or another. For taking orders; for delivery notes, for raffle tickets, for vouchers – is there nothing the humble NCR can’t do? Oh yeah, it can’t print itself! We normally litho print these in duplicate or triplicate sets. Other considerations are whether we number and/or perforate these for you. If you’re not sure, remember all you have to do is ask!


Size: A4/ A3/ A5 / A6

Business processes are unique no matter what organisation you are from and we find business forms are always different from one place to another. The likelihood is that if you are from a service-led firm you will be filling in one form or another. Let Indigo take away the hassle of designing and printing these, so you can find something better to spend your time on, okay?

Invoice Sheets

Size: A4

We’ve been here before. Good work people, job done – now invoice for our work and get the money in. Only, Rachel in the office forgot to re-order those invoice sheets when you were running out. She didn’t call Indigo last week, Oops. Invoice sheets can be produced to suit in pads or loose sheets or even in NCR format. We can offer single or two colour printing or digital printing to produce these inexpensively. If you invoice a lot (lucky you) then we can even print and hold stock… that way you won’t run out of invoices again when it matters.

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